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Email Vortex episode 2

We know spams are the today's email plague - Sorry if I didn't get back to you in the last month due to an impossible to fix outage with my contact form. I've decided to fix the thing using a good old fashioned way ;-)
Let's meet on the new contact page !
Bottom-up lads!

Emails vortex

Our mail server had some issues.. now fixed :)
You can reach us using our contact form again
Let's Rock !

Apple Digital Masters

Mastered for iTunes has officially been rebranded as Apple Digital Masters. Now every audio advantage of these high-resolution masters is available across iTunes and Apple Music — for both streaming and downloads.
We are happy to be part of this program !


Mastering With Difference

A handcrafted work without plugins or template.

Each production is different and this is our primary concern.

Just Mastering !